How to Succeed with a New Facebook Ad Account

Launching a new Facebook ad account can be challenging, but with the right strategies, you can still achieve success. Here, we'll discuss the best practices and common pitfalls to avoid when starting fresh on Facebook ads.

Understanding the Challenges of a New Facebook Ad Account

Lack of Data and Conversion History One of the primary reasons new Facebook ad accounts struggle is the lack of data and conversion history. Established accounts benefit from Meta's machine learning, which uses historical data to optimize campaigns. For example, Meta might know that women aged 42 who are interested in cats and trampolining are likely to convert. This type of data-driven insight is unavailable to new accounts, making it harder to achieve immediate success.

Misguided Strategies Many advertisers, including some Meta reps, recommend optimizing for landing page views or running traffic campaigns with new accounts. This approach is akin to preparing for a marathon by swimming instead of running—it's not the most effective method. Instead, focus on optimizing for conversions from the start, even if initial results are slower to materialize.

Effective Strategies for New Facebook Ad Accounts

Optimizing for Conversions Even with a new account, it's crucial to stick with sales and lead campaigns. Meta can still optimize your ads using real-time data, such as linger time over the ad and click-through rates. This real-time data allows Meta to start optimizing your campaigns quickly, even without a wealth of historical data. Sticking to conversion-based objectives ensures that you gather relevant data from the outset, setting a solid foundation for future campaign success.

Appropriate Targeting Techniques Avoid completely broad targeting when starting out. Instead, use Advantage Plus Audience to provide Meta with suggested targeting criteria. This hybrid approach allows Meta to adjust targeting based on real-time performance data, improving your campaign's effectiveness from the outset. Advantage Plus Audience combines specific audience interests with Meta's algorithmic adjustments, helping you reach the most promising potential customers early on.

Practical Adjustments for Better Performance

Simplifying Campaign Structure With a new ad account, reduce the number of campaigns, ad sets, and ads. Fewer variables help Meta learn faster, as data is consolidated into fewer buckets. For example, spending $100 across 15 campaigns spreads the learning too thin, whereas concentrating that budget on one or two campaigns accelerates optimization. A streamlined campaign structure also makes it easier to monitor performance and make necessary adjustments.

Starting Small and Scaling Gradually Start with a small budget to minimize risk and allow for gradual learning. As you identify what works for your business, you can scale your budget accordingly. Starting small also helps prevent significant early losses, which can be discouraging and counterproductive. Incremental scaling based on performance insights ensures sustainable growth and better long-term results.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Misleading Click Metrics Optimizing for clicks can lead to misleading results. Traffic campaigns might generate many link clicks, but these clicks rarely convert into sales or leads. Focus on metrics that align with your ultimate goals, such as conversions and sales. By prioritizing conversion metrics over click metrics, you ensure that your ad spend is directed towards achieving meaningful business outcomes.

Overcomplicating Early Campaigns Launching too many campaigns and ad sets in the beginning can overwhelm Meta's learning process. Stick to a simplified structure to ensure that each campaign receives sufficient data for effective optimization. Keeping your initial setup straightforward allows for clearer insights into what works and what doesn’t, facilitating quicker adjustments and improvements.

Professional Assistance and Further Learning

When to Seek Expert Help

If you're spending more than $5K a month on ads, consider professional ad management. Agencies can take over the workload and help you achieve better results. Book a free strategy call to find out how our services can benefit your business.

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