ATS & CRM Lead Generation Scaled by 400%

Learn how Recruiterflow leveraged a mix of Google Ads and LinkedIn campaigns to achieve a 400% growth in lead generation while maintaining a stable cost per lead.
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400% Growth in Lead Gen
Stable Cost Per Lead
4x Cheaper Leads from LinkedIn

Challenge: Attracting Qualified Leads That Convert

Recruiterflow offers ATS & CRM for recruiting and staffing agencies. The brand was operating within a limited and crowded market when it started working with Hop. Recruiterflow was in a very competitive niche, their competitors were putting their marketing efforts on the top and middle of the funnel. This was creating enough awareness to leave room for smaller players at the bottom.

One of Recruiterflow’s top goals was to enter the international market, focusing on UK and US.

Our client struggled to scale their lead generation efforts, plus they hadn’t tested any social media ads. They came to us believing they are missing a huge marketing opportunity.

Our partnership started with a major question: Which is the right channel to scale?

Solution: A Mix of Google Ads and LinkedIn Lead Magnet Ads

Hop’s team began with various pay-per-click tests. From all the Google ads we ran, we discovered that competitor campaigns drove the most promising results. As our client didn’t have any competitor campaigns, we built them all up by targeting a selected list of competing brands. The new head-to-head comparison landing pages improved the performance of the ads.

Next, we moved toward social media ads. While the campaigns on Facebook didn’t perform so well, LinkedIn’s targeting was ideal. After all, the second channel offered a specified target audience. Recruiterflow’s ads on LinkedIn skyrocketed when we used a combination of a high-quality lead magnet and a follow up lead gen form.

Results: Scaled Leads 4X at a Stable Cost

After testing three ad channels, we focused on the most effective ones. Within a year and a half, the competitor campaigns increased Recruiterflows’ sales leads 4 times at a stable competitor cost per lead. In a nutshell, we scaled the volume of the leads at a consistent cost.

The social media campaigns helped the overall scaling strategy. LinkedIn delivered 4x cheaper leads (at the cost of quality) than Google Search. In conclusion, Google Ads brought us quality leads, while LinkedIn ads contributed with quantity.